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by Save the Children Italy

A virtual awareness campaign.

A virtual space dedicated to the #bambinisottoattacco campaign, an initiative aimed at raising awareness of the enormous difficulties that millions of children are experiencing as a result of war, has been inaugurated for Save the Children Italia through the creation of a virtual journey linked to gamification activities.

The entry into the virtual space has allowed Save the Children Italia to expand its pool of donations and to place, alongside traditional communication channels, more innovative ones to amplify its messages and reach an increasingly diverse and large audience.

The Metaverse thus also became a place of activism where visitors could sign a petition addressed to the Italian government for the prosecution of war crimes against children.

The environment also featured an exhibition of NFT artwork donated by the artists and linked to the Web3 marketplaces, the proceeds from which went to the cause of war-affected children in Ukraine.

About Save the Children Italy.

Save the Children Italy is a non-profit organization established in 1998 within the global network of the independent international organization of the same name to defend and promote children’s rights.

The international organization actively develops projects that create sustainable, long-term improvements for the benefit of children, focusing on particularly disadvantaged or difficult childhood situations and raising funds to create better educational opportunities, improved health care and new economic opportunities.

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