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A new threat looms over an already devastated planet under reconstruction: an impending cataclysm is heralded to the world with a flash-forward that catapults a young and unsuspecting hero into 2287, a helpless spectator of a destroyed world where only robots seem to have survived.

Returning then to 2286, far from his time, his loved ones and his city, our hero will soon discover his connection with this inexplicable affair that will destroy the world within a year.


Embark on an epic journey to discover your destiny and unravel the mysteries that await you in a world on the brink of extinction.


Find the mysterious magic crystals and discover their extraordinary power related to the very essence of the planet.


Learn how to reshape the timeline and travel through time to avoid the impending cataclysm.


The beating heart of the economy, Coins are valuable coins essential for unlocking special abilities and buying rare equipment.

Coins can be earned by completing quests, defeating legendary enemies or trading valuable resources with other players.


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