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by Reago

An inclusive project for the smaller Italian islands.

A shared virtual environment for schools in Italy’s smaller islands: an inclusive project led by SIMI network (Italian Minor Islands Schools) to engage teachers and students into immersive learning activities in a stimulating environment.

A Roman amphitheater in the center and several small islands around it, each representing an island of the SIMI network with its member schools: a new way of networking through training, e-learning activities and workshops in the metaverse.

About Rete SIMI and Reago.

SIMI network was born in September 2019, on the sidelines of a conference organized by IC EOLIE ISLANDS, to continue the path of sharing critical issues and solutions by unifying and concentrating the actions promoted by individual educational institutions related to the enhancement of the potential of the territory and local institutions of the smaller Italian islands.

Reago is an innovative sports-tech services startup that provides web-based solutions aimed at overcoming obstacles that limit the organization of sports activities through specially developed applications. The focus is on the development of new features related to the management of events, competitions and sports facilities, using technologies in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, with a constant eye on available innovations for the continuous improvement of the services offered.

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