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by John Pork

A virtual dj set inside the metaverse.

At Coderblock Connect, one of the most important networking events in the Coderblock metaverse, we invited John Pork, the well-known influencer DJ, to animate the evenings after the event.

A real virtual console complete with a big screen where John rocked out with his fans for 4 nights of music.

Never wanted to miss the VIP area for selfies with fans and a special booth directly connected to John Pork’s social channels.

Who's John Pork.

“Basically the chillest guy on planet earth”.

John Pork is a captivating social figure and a dynamic DJ who effortlessly merges the art of entertainment and music.

With an innate ability to connect with people, JP’s magnetic presence transcends boundaries, creating unforgettable experiences.

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