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by Cosmore Real Estate Group

Real estate lands in the metaverse.

A unique, innovative and bespoke working environment for Cosmore within the metaverse. The virtual headquarters evokes the style and atmosphere of New York and Miami: yellow taxis, lights, palm trees, sea and sand. provide a backdrop for two skyscrapers representing Cosmore’s respective headquarters in the two American cities.

The buildings are divided internally into different floors: from the reception desk on the ground floor, to the marketing departments on the upper floors, to the coworking spaces and personal offices for the brokers.

Accessible by internal elevators, the upper floors also include a coworking space and a conference room for meetings or training.

The highest part of the building houses more than 50 offices for the brokers, with desks and meeting rooms dedicated to them, with all the tools they need to organize their daily work in an innovative way. In their offices, agents meet buyers, register contracts, handle communications, and more.

About Cosmore Real Estate Group.

Cosmore Real Estate Group is the innovative Miami and New York based real estate brokerage that focuses its processes on the user experience, the competence of its agents and the quality of the services offered to its clients.

Starting as a real estate one-stop-shop, where the client has the ability to interface to improve the experience related to the various stages of the real estate transaction, Cosmore has evolved into a UX-designed brokerage focused on creating a digital ecosystem for agents and clients.

It does this by providing agents with ongoing support and customized technology, encouraging ethical compliance, and providing ongoing technical and regulatory updates. Cosmore’s goal is to make the real estate transaction simple and safe, to reduce risk, to act ethically and honestly, and to always put the client’s interests first.

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